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Online Technical Conference
Technologies and challenges of storage, transmission and distribution for

Large Hydrogen


10th November 2021

An online technical conference about the challenges of large-scale storage, transmission and distribution for future hydrogen infrastructures

Large Hydrogen Infrastructures 
Technical Conference Program
10th November 2021 
virtual conference - online only

Moving forward towards a complex infrastructure to store, transmit and distribute very large quantities of clean hydrogen at low cost is a key challenge for the decarbonisation of the world’s energy system. In the year 2021, hydrogen is usually stored and transported either in a liquefied or compressed gaseous form, while the vast majority is produced and consumed on site. Due to its low volumetric energy density in standard conditions, several technical challenges have to be addressed if hydrogen shall be stored and moved in large quantities across the globe. This online technical conference brings together hydrogen storage specialists, gas transmission and transport experts, liquefaction and hydrogen carrier specialists, compression experts, scientific researchers and other stakeholders to discuss some of the latest technical challenges of storage, transmission and distribution for large hydrogen infrastructures.

The key topic areas of this online conference:

Hydrogen in the grid: How to address the challenges of hydrogen injection into the existing gas infrastructure

Hydrogen value chains: How to create the infrastructure for future hydrogen value chains

Hydrogen beneath the surface: How to assess and realize the potentials of large-scale underground storage facilities

Hydrogen storage, transport and distribution: How to make use of with novel compression technologies, hydrogen carrier technologies, liquefaction and liquid storage solutions

Speakers and Program


Miguel Adriano Mayrata Vicens
Director of Business Diversification

Redexis, Spain


Technical challenges of hydrogen injection into gas grids

  • What are the main challenges / barriers to be addressed currently?

  • Permitting and legislation: What changes are needed to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen?

  • How can companies create the necessary conditions for those changes to happen? 


Philipp Hauser

Advisor Scientific Studies

VNG AG, Germany


Building the hydrogen Infrastructure in Eastern Germany – infrastructure projects and local value chains

  • Eastern Germany faces a structural change due to the coal phase out

  • at the same time, large potentials for renewable energies provide opportunities for producing green hydrogen

  • VNG and its partners just started the project “Reallabor - Energiepark Bad Lauchstädt” that is funded as a regulatory sandboxes by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

  • The project covers the entire value chain for the first time in Eastern Germany, including production, storage, transport and application 


Markus Pichler

Expert Underground Hydrogen Storage

RAG Austria AG, Austria


Underground Sun Storage – How can gas storages contribute to the renewable energy future

  • RAG Austria AG who are we and why do we want to store H2

  • RAG Austria AG Hydrogen Storage Projects

  • Results of research so far

  • Open questions 


Serge van Gessel

Senior Geologist & Advisor

Advisory Group for Economic Affairs

TNO, The Netherlands

Coordinator Underground H2 Storage

IEA - Hydrogen TCP


Underground hydrogen storage development in the Netherlands

  • Latest national assessments on demand and subsurface potential

  • Hydrogen storage R&D challenges

  • Underground storage and the global IEA hydrogen technology collaboration programm

Bessarabov Kopie.jpg

Dmitri Bessarabov

Director: DSI National Center of
Competence: Hydrogen Infrastructure
HySA Infrastructure at NWU

South Africa


Hydrogen compression as one key technology for cost reduction in the entire hydrogen value chain

  • Development of electrochemical compression (EHC) and separation technology at NWU / HySA

  • Key internal know-how and technology: catalyst coated membranes, using PGM

  • Advantages of EHC technology: no moving parts, high compression rate over a single step

  • Further R&D requirements and challenges of EHC


Roy Bant Jr.

Hydrogen Sales and Key Account Manager

Chart Industries, USA


Chart Industries hydrogen capabilities

  • Discovering hydrogen liquefaction and hydrogen liquid storage solution

  • Case study: hydrogen for rail car

  • Hydrogen products for heavy duty trucking

  • Exploring carbon capture for blue hydrogen 


Maarten Van Haute

Alternative Fuels Officer

Q8 Research, The Netherlands


Project SherLOHCk: development of liquid organic hydrogen carriers

  • Reducing the use of 'critical raw materials' for large-scale hydrogen storage and related catalyst technologies

  • Unlocking the full potential of LOHC technology with novel catalysts, catalyst supports and catalyst systems architecture

  • Technological, economical and social bottlenecks of this novel catalyst synthesis route

  • Improving economic viability of LOHC by scaling up the obtained solutions and comparison to other hydrogen logistic concepts based on LCA and TCO considerations

  • Project SherLOHCk receiving support from FCH JU (Grant No. 101007223), the EU's Horizon 2020 program, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research

End of conference

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