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September 21st, 2023

Reducing the cost of PEMWE by Cold Gas Spray Additive Manufacturing


1. Introduction: What is Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing?

2. Bipolar Plates and the cost structure of PEM electrolysers

3. New bipolar plate's manufacturing strategy by additive manufacturing

4. Open Q&A session


Dr. Javier Sanchez is the Innovation Director of the Thermal Spray Center (CPT) of the University of Barcelona. He received his PhD in materials science from the University of Barcelona and developed much of his professional career in the industry where he held positions in R&D management and Business Development in the Energy Field including multinational roles and international assignments. He is now responsible for the New Technologies branch of CPT including the additive manufacturing programs as well as the innovation and technology transfer strategies at the CPT.


Bernd Hamacher, Founder of BEC

Prof. Bruno G. Pollet, Chairman of BEC

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